Wall Printer - A big chance to start your own business.

Each Achiever wall printer was created on the same belief. That a wall printing machine should be more than a collection of features. Indeed, it should be absolutely reliable and easy to use in a wall printing business.

Achiever Wall Printer®

A wall printing machine like no other.

Revolutionary innovation and proven technology deliver magical printing performance. Everything intergrated to bring greater stability, control, and experience. Mix it up. It’s Achiever wall printer.

wall printer
wall printing machine
3d wall painting machine
wall printer machine body

High-quality Parts & Accessories

Japan imported printhead, American BANNER ultrasonic sensor, Japan THK linear guide rail, multi-pin circular connectors, high-speed optic fiber cable, intergrated sheet metal body.

The Epson DX7 printhead Achiever wall printer uses

Top-notch Quality Outcomes

Epson DX7 printhead up to 2880 dpi resolution. With LED UV printing, inks are dried immediately and do not have a chance to spread out, bringing out much finer detail.

The Achiever UV wall printer can print on nearly any vertical wall surfaces

Any Image, Any Surface

Painting, photo, signs, text, map, numbers, graphic with 3D effect...the wall printer can print any image onto any vertical surface, inlcuding brick, wood, glass, concrete, plaster, metal, stone, plastic, tiles.

The weatherproof wall print by Achiever UV wall printer

Weatherproof and Long-term Durability

The wall prints produced by UV wall printer are both water and sunlight proof. It will have a durability of at least 10 years indoors and 5 years outdoors. And requires barely any maintenance effort.

UV wall printer with single printhead

High-Speed Printing

Fast image processing. 2.5 m²/h (25 sq ft.) average speed. Instant drying once printed. With a dual-printhead model wall printer, the speed even double. The number of printheads for water-based ink wall printer is up to 4.

MainTop RIP software used in Achiever automatic wall painting machine

RIP Software & Printing Control Program

Achiever 3D wall painting machine is pre-installed with advanced RIP software to process images. And self-developed printing control program makes vertical printing possible.

Here at Achiever, we produce UV ink wall printer, water-based ink wall printer and floor printer.

We pride ourselves on providing High-quality vertical wall printers at Affordable Prices with Strong Client Services so that our customers can start their wall printing business quickly and smoothly.

A glance at the stock for vertical wall printer spare parts.
A glance at the stock accessories of track rail wall printers.
The engineer is packaging a wall printer ordered by one of our customers.

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A Natural Fit for Small Business.

The wall printer machine was born for small business. Here we explain why.

Wide application.

Certified Eco-friendly & Low-odour UV Ink. Great mobility with 4 stable wheels. 5-meter Level-adjustable track for uneven grounds.

Which, makes the UV wall printing machine available in many different situations:

  • Living rooms and Guestrooms
  • Residential Houses
  • Restaurants, Cafe, Pubs & Bars
  • Retail business
  • Business offices & Studio
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools & Kindergartens
  • Galleries and Museums
  • Sports centers & Indoor courts
  • Inns and Hotels
  • Hospitals, General Practice & Care homes
Living room wall print by digital wall printer
The big touch screen of inkjet wall printer

Simple to use.

Built-in industrial computerWindows 10 system. 12.1″ touch screen. Language is optional. Start your wall printing by just inserting the USB drive in.

You shall enjoy a smooth interaction with so much fun.

The big touch screen of inkjet wall printer

Easy to move.

If the 3d wall printing machine is difficult to move, cost too much labour, or take a lot of time to assemble up in the place, then it’s all meaningless.

That’s why:

You can easily put the Achiever wall printer in the trunk of your car, or bed if it’s a pickup. After arriving at your client’s base, from set-up to get the machine ready to print, you only need 10 minutes.

Time for disassembling? Let’s give it 5 minutes.

The wheels of Achiever UV wall printer
Printhead of 3d vertical wall printer moving up and down

Faster turnaround.

Great mobility. Easy to prepare. Fast printing. Quick drying.

Let the print work be finished in a quick and organized way. Which makes it possible to complete more projects in just one day.

That is, to generate more.

Printhead of 3d vertical wall printer moving up and down

Intervals? Never mind.

You may wonder:

What if I’m only half done with a wall print? What if there’s extreme weathers like hurricane, rainstorm or strong wind while printing?

I have to go, but what to do with the unfinished pirnt?

No worries. The printer’s crosshair red laser calibration and complementary mode allow you to come back another day and go on printing from exactly where it stopped last time.


Laser calibration function of wall mural painter
The patents of Achiever wall printer

10+ patents, R&D capability, knowledgable and experienced team of experts.

We hold a series of patents related to wall painting machines, from vertical printing technology, appearance design to its various functions.

With over a thousand of wall printers sold already, you can relax knowing our team of experts has the ability to be the strong backup for your wall printing business.

Talk with the group of people that probably know wall printer the best in the world.

The patents of Achiever wall printer

Coaching via manual and video calling.

Receive clear guidance from our instructional manuals and videos.

Still got a question? Let us know in your exclusive after-sales group. Message or video calling, whatever you prefer, and the team is always there for you.

From initial set-up to further maintenance, we will make sure you gain a good grasp of this amazing mural painting machine.

The user manual for Achiever wall pinter
The user manual for Achiever wall pinter
1 year warranty of Achiever vertical wall printing machine

One year warranty.

The Achiever wall printer is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of cllient’s purchase.

If a defect arises during the warranty period, Achiever will replace the part for you at no charge (consumables excepted).

1 year warranty of Achiever vertical wall printing machine

Lifetime tech support for total free.

Achiever offer FREE lifetime technical assistance with every purchase. We can help you with troubleshooting and everyday use of your wall printer.

Our staff is friendly and available 7 days a week by email, live chat and phone call.

Know more about our support policy →

Lifetime tech support from Achiever wall printer
Parts replacement of 3d wall painting machine

Replacement parts and accessories backup.

All parts that are being used have stock and can be sent immediately by express. So that your business will not be affected much.

Consumables like UV ink are also available, or you can source their alternative in the local area.


Parts replacement of 3d wall painting machine

Update service for software and hardware.

Achiever provide an update service that let you keep your mural painting machine up-to-date.

If a new version of software is released, you will receive it for free in the first place.

wall printer motherboard

Print your own logo first.

Printing your logo on the wall printer would be a perfect idea so that people can easily notice your brand at their first glance.

Upon request, we would be happy to print it for you, well, by using another wall print machine.

Wall Printer Robots Are Displacing Mural Artists?

We don’t think that way. What Achiever stick to is —— The automatic wall painting machine will certainly win its share of the wall decor market. Why? Cause it really lives up to expections. But, only people can surpass expections. Full of respect.

In fact, we have once worked with a muralist who had an interest in this wall printer machine and was also looking to expand his business. And it really did him some favours afterwards. Nothing better than this.

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