Wall Print Case │ 3D Effect T-Rex

Before you start a digital wall printing business, you may want to stock up on some 3D effect images.

The reason?

According to our statistics, 3D wall prints are among the mostly welcomed art types by customers.

Here’s why we think it’s popular:

  1. Much more visual impact than 2D images
  2. Gives people the feeling of actually being there
  3. Creates a good interaction with the audience (people could take photos with outside 3D wall prints)
  4. Will integrate perfectly with the wall and enhance the environment if well designed and performed

Have you ever been obsessed with dinosaurs as a child? —— if not, you almost certainly know someone who has.

Yes, kids love dinosaurs. This amazing creature, as the most representative symbol of science, has greatly satisfied a child’s instinct for curiosity and discovery.

Just imagine a little boy’s expression when he sees a 3D T-Rex on his bedroom wall.

dinosaur obsession

Well, apparently some adults are still obsessed with dinosaurs.

See the 3D T-Rex we printed with our KIVO-S-01 UV Wall Printer.

The 3d wall print of T-Rex

What would you print if you own a 3D wall printer?

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