Wall Printer Machine

In Kivo we have whole series of wall mural printer machine, from latex ink, water-based ink to LED UV lamp equipped, standard DX7 printhead to advanced i3200 printhead, wheeled to rail track supported. There is always a 3D wall printer for your need.

UV Ink Wall Printer

Kivo UV ink wall printer is now among the most advanced 3D wall printing machines in the world. It features the latest vertical inkjet printing technology with UV-LED curing system and has a broad application.

UV Wall Printer

Water-based Ink Wall Printer

Look exactly the same to E series UV wall printer. The only difference is that L series use water-based ink. It was the first inkjet wall printer to be invented and has a relatively low cost compared to the UV model.

L Series - 01

L Series - 02

Ink and Accessories

From CMYK inks, data cable to extension rod, you can get access to backup for every single component that makes up the 3D wall printing machine.


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