About us

Achiever was born from a vision to provide quality and affordable vertical wall printing machines to those wanting to start their own business.

Why The Name Achiever?

Achiever” means someone who achieves success especially through efforts.

Technology” represents the core feature of our products.

Achiever assists clients to have a business of their own with premium machines.

What We Believe

Achiever believes machines that embrace new technologies are more likely to bring entrepreneurs a decent start and a relatively bright future.

Mission and Vision

Achiever specializes in the development and manufacture of vertical wall printing machines and accessories. It aims to be the world’s leading digital wall printing technology company, with constant input on R&D and determination to promote the progress of digital inkjet printing technologies.

Its vision is to empower anyone who wants to do something on their own. The company commits to enable clients to create a satisfying and promising life through the machinery equipments we provide.

Freedom and Satisfaction, with Technology

“Freedom is the most precious thing in the world. The best thing I can imagine is to live a life of freedom, meanwhile, have enough capability of bringing happiness and satisfaction to your loved ones, and yourself.”

Achiever Team

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