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The wall printer comes with:

  • Achiever Wall Printer
  • Foldable Vertical Rail
  • Extension Rod
  • Tool Kit
  • UV Ink set: 1x Cyan, 1x Magenta, 1x Yellow, 1x Black, 1x White
  • Liquids: 1x 1000mL Printhead Clearing Fluid, 1x 1000mL Moisturizing Fluid, 1x 1000mL Glass Coating Liquid

It supports multiple formats such as JPG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, BMP, etc.

Generally, it’s 30$. That’s the cost of one bottle of cleaning fluid for printhead, and it can be used for a whole year. Unless the printhead is broken and requires a replacement, there is basically no other maintenance cost.

Please contact our support team with info@wallprintermachines.com, the experienced engineer will get back to you promptly.

You’re welcome to use one of the following methods to get a quick quote:

  1. Call us at +86 183 5320 9372
  2. Talk to us through WhatsApp: +86 183 5320 9372
  3. Send us an email to eric@wallprintermachines.com

Sure, it can!

Achiever UV wall printer uses 5 colors (CMYK+W), and it prints white ink.

Yes, we do! We know wall printer like the back of our hands. As long as your wall printer machine was purchased from China, we could help supply the spare parts. Whether it’s the consumables like inks or spare part like printheads.


Wall printing machine is our standard product. Yet at the same time, we also provide one-stop solution for custom vertical printing.

So how does it work?

Please contact us and tell us your specific need for vertical printing. Then our team will discuss it and work on it so as to present you a detailed solution for your check.

Once approved by your side, we will start manufacturing the custom machine for you.

Contact us to check out the cases we have done before.


The control coftware our wall printers uses are 100% designed and made by ourselves.

Yes, you can.

Our wall printers support both built-in PC and customer’s own laptop. The engineer will assist you in setting up the print control software on your laptop.


Our UV wall printer can paint on glasses, just requies a special coat before printing, which we will include in the box. No worries.

We use good quality parts & accessories during the making of every wall printer machine.

Before shipment, we will inspect and test each machine until we are sure that they will arrive at customer’s place in their best condition.


Since our factory have all parts in stock, making it possible for us to get the machine ready generally in 7-14 days.

Depending on the country, the number of days required for sea shipment is different, ranging from 12-35 days.

If you need the machine urgently, we can also arrange air transportation for you, but the cost would be higher.


It’s just to print faster with double printhead. The print quality is the same as one head, no difference at all.

Given that for double printhead wall printers, most suppliers will put them one CMYK and the other White only.

So if the white head fails, with the CMYK one you can still print good pictures. But if it’s the opposite, you can only print white color, which is also meaningless.


For UV inks, one set includes CMYK+W 5 colors, 1,000mL per bottle, as 5,000 mL in total.

For water-based inks, one set includes CMYK 4 colors, 500mL per bottle, as 2,000 mL in total.

Let’s take the uv curable inks for example, one set of inks (1,000mL per color, 5,000mL in total) can be used for printing 400-500 square meters on average.

No worries. Once you feel in need of new inks, simply let us know via email or message, and DHL/FedEx would deliver the inks from the factory in China to your hands in just a few days.

Or you could choose to buy locally the alternatives, and our engineer would be glad to help you with that.

The uv curable inks can last for one year when kept in good condition.

Payment & Shipping:

Achiever support TT Payment, also known as “Telegraphic Transfer” or “Wire Transfer“.

All three models of shipping – see, air, land – are available for our mural painting machines. Considering the printer’s weight, we recommend going with see freight more.

Yes, there are taxes when importing a wall printer, you need to pay during the customs clearance.

For sure. When the machine is prepared ready and tested well, we will send you photos & testing videos to check. Then we will package it and arrange the shipment. We will keep you updated on the progress.

General Question:

Don’t worry. Actually, most of our clients have no such import experience. Let us know and we will guide you step by step.

WE ARE FACTORY. As early as 2014, we started to manufacture and sell wall painting machines in China.

Our factory bases in Shandong. A northern province that’s known for Confucius and developed mechanical industry.

We now have offices in both Jinan and Qingdao, the top two most developed cities in Shandong. Our factory showroom locates in Jinan, you are so welcome to visit us there.

Of course! If you come to China, you are very welcome to visit our factory. Our factory is located in Jinan, Shandong province.

If you can’t come to China but want to see our factory, no problem, we can make a video call through whatsapp or other software, and then we will give you a factory tour online.

Yes, we do.

Unlike automated mural painter, a floor printer, also known as “ground printer”, “floor printing machine”, is mainly used to print on ground surfaces.

It came out slightly later than the mural machine. In China, people hire floor painting machine companies to paint their parking spots so as to stand out and express themselves.

Yes, we still are.

We would love to introduce our wall and floor printers to the whole world. Top-notch machines and reliable service are reasons why we could back our partners up the best. 

Our sales colleagues all have strong English speaking and writing skills. So please rest assured that the whole communication process will be efficient and smooth.

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